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Much respected for compiling the highly acclaimed Eskimo, Culture Club and Serie Noire mixalbums, Belgian top-DJs The Glimmers bring us another outstanding mix compilation.
‘The Glimmers”: 19 timeless tracks by such diverse names as Queen, Pete Shelley, Roxy Music, Whitey, Jungle Brothers and even Dutch sixties poplegend Shocking Blue – mixed, re-edited and fucked-up by Belgium’s finest DJ duo. A killer compilation.

The Glimmers, one the best known DJs from the notorious party city Ghent .The’re definitely are two of the most original and innovative DJs around. Having started their turntable career in the mid-eighties, long-time friends David & Mo can look back at almost twenty years of club & music culture. From old school hiphop, dark new wave and vintage acid house to Belgian new beat, balearic disco AND sleazy pop music – their record collection is incredibly eclectic. And so are their DJ-sets.

Neither trendy nor retro, The Glimmers have a passion for pleasing the crowd. For years, they have attracted party goers from all over Belgium to Ghent. The Glimmers have been residents at all the legendary clubs and parties over there: Fifty-Five, Eskimo-nights, Culture Club, to name but a few.

Until recently, The Glimmers were the best kept secret of the international DJ-scene. Now, it seems as if the world is finally ready for their ultra-soulful sets. London, Lisboa, Paris, Fashion shows, Berlin, Munich, Barcelona, Madrid, Warsaw, NYC, Miami … over the past months, crowds all over the world have been going mad over the Glimmers’ music. And the best is yet to come …

Already familiar with their heroes’ impeccable musical taste and ultra-smooth mixing style, Glimmer-fans are now introduced to their re-editing & fuck-up skills. However, to say that ‘Eskimo presents … The Glimmers’ is the duo’s most creative effort to date would be untrue. Under the pseudonym Dirty Minds they have released one of the finest singles of the year, ‘I’m 4 Pleasure’ – with vocals by Tom Derie (Soapstone, Ultrasonic 7). Check out new track ‘Life Of Brian’ on this album.

Yep, the best is yet to come indeed …


DJ-Kicks (2005)