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“Blissed-out guitar pop” – The Independent “Southern are in it for the long run, you can be sure of that” – Disco Naivete
Southern release their debut EP, the ‘Southern EP’ on the 9th December 2013 through Marathon Records.
Southern are Belfast-born, Liverpool-based brother and sister band Thom and Lucy Southern.
The Southern EP brings together the young pair’s shared admiration for crunching blues riffs and distinctive elements of folk music. Harmonies and melodies play heavily over the course of the four songs, penned by Thom and Lucy.

Fronted by ‘Shout It’, a song harnessed by a mesmeric, looped guitar riff, it smartly rings into ‘World Don’t Shine’, a track that has already travelled the blogs in demo form earlier this Summer, picking up strong support at Radio 1 too. Punchy, and full of bluesy nonchalance, it is the perfect opening statement of Southern’s intent for 2014 and beyond.
Recorded in Liverpool, these four introductory tracks here hint at a number of calibre artists but showcase a band stepping quickly out of their infancy before they’re even truly begun.
Signed to intriguing new independent label Marathon Artists (Jagwar Ma/Childhood/Courtney Barnett), Southern may be making their opening bow at the very tail end of 2013, but should very quickly become a watchword for 2014.

EP "Southern" - 2013
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