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At a rave party in Reading many years ago, two sonic explorers with a common thread of producing came together in a meeting of musical minds. Dan Coop and James Rushent’s lives from then on would change immensely, forging a bond as powerful as their love of heavy music that would take them around the world. They managed to release a little debut called You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into in 2008. The title said it all.

Picking up a few new offenders along the way, in 2009, Chloe Duveaux and Matty Derham jumped onboard joining James, Dan and drummer Rob Bloomfield adding even more noise to the band’s apocalyptic electronica.

Having worked with The Prodigy on its 2009 offering Invaders Must Die, James stepped up to the plate and hit the producer’s desk for Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You - the album’s name once again is an apt title. ``The harder songs are very hard and the softer songs aren't as soft any more,'' Coop says. Abrasive, blisteringly sharp, mind boggling, loud and ultimately fucking bangin’, 2010 is set to be DIOYY’s year for the taking. The band, like their new offering never let up and with first single The Monkey’s Are Coming set for release in the coming weeks, you’ll know when it has arrived. Until then, brace yourself for the dance. 'Cause believe me, this is the dance!

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You (2011)
Extrait musical :  (5,0 Mo)
The monkeys are coming.mp3