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From The Cradle To The Rave’ is the debut album from Shit Robot, aka Marcus Lambkin. As an integral part of the DFA story over the last decade, Marcus has created a record that involves the whole family, with James Murphy, Alexis Taylor, Juan MacLean and more contributing to a record that is a joyride through the history of dance music.

It’s a record that is a product of years spent in clubs, clubs across the world. From Dublin to New York, it’s drenched in house, Krautrock, techno, punk, electro and more. Brilliant vocal contributions from Alexis Taylor on ‘Losing My Patience’ is followed by Nancy Whang on ‘Take Em Up’ are just two highlights from what is one of the stand out albums of the year so far.

It’s a record that is more than the sum of its parts. Though heavy with collaborations, it is most definitely a Shit Robot record through and through.

"We Got A Love" (17 mars 2014)
Extrait musical :  (3,4 Mo)
Shit Robot -We Got A Love' ft Reggie Watts.mp3