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SHITDISCO (pronounced "Shhhhhdisco", DJ types!) are four enigmatic characters from various parts of the UK - Berwick, Newcastle and Leeds, to name but three - who now find themselves colluding euphorically in the Scottish art-pop-rock underground. The fierce panda crew has been stalking their progress for nigh on eleven months now and 'Disco Blood' is the band's first ever release.

In their own words, "SHITDISCO are a band from Glasgow. They like the fun. They are a band of circumstance rather than style. To a man they prefer dancing to mincing. You can dance to them too if you like. Otherwise you can watch them dance while they play their music. They have previously played in abandoned railway tunnels, portacabins, boys' toilets and the odd club now and then. The band consists of two basses, one guitar, a keyboard and drums. Lyrical themes veer from intellectual violence and lateness to being too hot and Soviet gabba parties. Their music is informed by Dick Dale and Bobby Orlando and everyone in between. As long as you can dance to it."

And dammital 'dance' is very much they key word here. Namechecking Kelly Marie and Donna Summer as well the above mentioned Mister Orlando, 'Disco Blood's thundering grooves and dainty funk manoeuvres have been rewarded with a splendid Clor remix and - for the first time in several fierce panda years - a release on lovely big 12". Take TWO bass guitars onstage? Oh, why not…


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